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Beauty and the Beast by Marie Leprince De Beaumont

Поэт: © , 2012

Fairy tales have continued to fascinate and enthrall generations of young minds over the decades. Perhaps one of the most popular of all time is the story of the «Beauty and the Beast».

This fairytale is basically about Bella who is a loving daughter to her father. Her father one day goes travelling to some unknown land where he encounters the Beast who lives in a mansion. He promises to send him his daughter in exchange for his life. When Bella hears about this from her shaken father, she agrees to leave for the Beast’s castle to serve him as per the agreement between it and her father. The castle is a magical place where the pots and pans are alive and can speak to each other. Bella is welcomed warmly by the mansion’s occupants i.e. by all the kitchen wares and the furniture. Then she meets the master of the Mansion who is the Beast.

Unlike its scary physical appearance, the Beast is a gentleman and a kind figure who welcomes the girl into his household. Although he has a volatile temper, he never loses his etiquette and this charms Bella who herself is an extremely kind person. Love sparks between them and a romantic tale unfolds that has captured the minds of many readers for decades. A story is incomplete if it does not have its own share of challenges that the characters must deal with and it is no different with this fairy tale. The villagers decide to kill the Beast and come out in all strength to fulfill their purpose. At that point of time, Bella is granted permission by the Beast to visit her father but when she returns she finds her love in a terrible shape. After persuading the villagers to leave the castle alone, she begins to tend to the wounds of the Beast but it seems it is too late to save it.

Then as a final act of farewell she plants a kiss on the Beast that is actually a kiss of true love. The Beast is transformed into a handsome prince and all the kitchen pots and pans into human beings. The complete story then unfolds about how a curse had been placed on the castle and its inmates and how only a kiss of true love could ever lift it. As all happy endings then, the prince marries Bella and brings in her father to live with them happily ever after.

Beauty and the beast is a wonderful children’s classic that shows the reader that maybe it’s best to view the world and people within it with an open mind and perhaps its better not to discriminate against other people.

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